829 Plays

Dr. Umana Sango has a plan that will enrich him, and add billions of dollars to his coffers: He calls in the six notorious billionaires in the country to his home, for a special game he had designed where the winner takes home the staggering sum of $200,000,000.00 (Two hundred million dollars). Only the willing drones in this mockery of a game had no idea they had walked into a bee-hive. And the monster bee is taking no prisoners on this night.

The six men arrive with their wives, looking spic and span, hungrier than a colony of polecats, with their A-game hanging loosely, and/or guarded in a tight embrace against their chests. Each man, along with his wife, is hoping he will be the winner; they will love nothing more than to expand on their greed, and add to their already bulging, seamless wealth. But Dr. Sango’s plan has no compassion written anywhere in the rules; his scheme is wired with a single deadly virus: Just like the prey snared in the jaws of a powerful predator, his guests were bound and gagged with nowhere to go. The exits are nailed shut…figuratively speaking. And the house itself had turned hotter than hell.

The Pit Boss himself, Dr. Umana Sango, has a reason, and a damn good one for engaging his guests in this game of death. But, he had not counted on Sosa Oni as one of his guest.