Gem of the Rainforest TRAILER

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Gem of the Rainforest is a story about the two-faced diamond mask stolen from Africa some three hundred years ago when the first white men landed on the shores of the River Niger. Suddenly, for the first time in 300 years, the rock surfaced in the hands of a Texan resident, Dr. Dye Oppenheimer (played by Joe Grisaffi). Geologist and Anthropologist professor, Dr. Catherine Ileka (aka Cat, played by Kae Shakir) gets a phone call from a friend, Sweetwater Brown (played by Perez Egbi), regarding the unveiling of the stone in Houston, Texas. Cat comes to Houston to see if it's true, and not just a myth. To ascertain that the stone most believed never existed, did indeed exists, Cat and Sweetwater will crash the exhibition event to confront Dr. Oppenheimer and Jesse Holland (played by Ramsey Nouah) about the Stone's origin. Cat and Sweetwater attempt to steal the stone and return it back to Africa. Now, this is where the adventure begins.